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(2019.1.25) Numeric domain 2639 dot com (was flagged as malware site) was sold recently for 120, 000 yuan. 2639 may rhyme with 二楼上酒 (best wine on the second floor). Not easy to say it in Chinese, though. 4N .com domains are used by top internet companies, such as #16 ( on 2018 Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies list.

(2019.1.24) Netscape创始人马克安德森(Marc Andreessen)在2013年就已经预测智能手机上的web app会盖过native app (手机软件),而网站将会统一天下,让各种终端的边界模糊化。现今,使用Progressive Web App技术,就可以开发和native app同等的功能。Web app将会带动更多的域名使用。

(2019.1.23) How difficult is it to create an easy-to-remember brand with matching .com domain? China's third largest bike-sharing startup just announced that it had raised billions of yuan in a new round. What is its name? HelloBike. While you may think "hello" may be a little bit "cheap" as a prefix, it is nevertheless viable as shown in this startup. Can you not prefix a keyword with "hello" or some other simple words to create a brand and at the same time register the matching .com domain for about $10? That puts you right into the global player club.

(2019.1.22) 如何创造一个品牌和对应品牌的域名。瑞典音频播客平台Acast创立于2013年,已经多次获得投资,金额达到7000万美元。好,来看看Acast这个品牌是这么样来的。Acast是从podcast (播客) 去掉pod,然后加上A,成为一个组合名称。自己创造品牌的好处是能够同时注册对应品牌的.com域名,使你立刻能够布局国际市场。



8659477632(2019.1.26 Sat) The internet is a breeding ground of global brands. Once you get there, you'll find bankers, designers, manufacturers, payment processors, logistics providers, and many other talented contacts. If you have a good idea, you'll have every opportunity to get the help and become a global brand. (402) 897-6880

LL and LLL .com domains may be best choices for Chinese companies

(2019.1.19 Sat) Recently I posted on LinkedIn the sale of an LLL (letter-letter-letter) .com domain in China. It triggered discussion among my readers and got me into thinking more about the future of acronym domains in China.(Read)

intraovarian(2019.1.12 Sat) After we moved to the Middle Earth, I was introduced to property investment and learned the rule in picking good addresses in the physical world: location, location, location. Now that a digital world is developing and poised to become the center of our lives, how do you pick good addresses in this new world?wind tunnel

970-818-2685(2019.1.5 Sat) The more I study the subject of domains, the more I am amazed by the various personalities a domain carries, so today I'll share with you seven of them.(313) 924-4156

incide(2018.12.29 Sat) Regular readers may notice that I often use the word "invest" instead of "spend" when reporting the amount paid by a company to acquire a domain. This reflects my conviction that domains are assets not expenses.(Read)